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Our mission... is to add childhood cancer survivor stories written by parents to our webpage, in order to give parents that have a child recently diagnosed with childhood cancer, hope. 

Childhood cancer Survivors 

When my child was diagnosed with Leukemia I searched for stories about children who had survived something similar but did not find it. I wanted to know what to expect as a parent and most of all I wanted to read about children that had survived. 

As parents being told your child has cancer is devastating and terrifying.  
Those of us who have been in this situation understand that this is one of the most challenging moments of our lives.

The purpose of this website is to offer you life-enhancing hope by providing inspiring narratives written by the parents of childhood cancer survivors. We hope that in sharing these real-life stories of courage and determination you will find the strength and resilience to help you confront with defiant optimism the uncertain journey that lies ahead.
We will also include stories written by children that have survived cancer if we receive them. 
This is a non-profit website that is taken care of by a few volunteers. 
We do not give advice on treatment of any kind. Any opinions expressed in the experiences shared here are purely personal and do not represent the general opinion of this website.
All experiences must be sent to us, we will edit them if necessary before they are added to the website just to make any corrections that might be necessary. 
If anyone would like to contact the families you can do it through us. Many are happy to be contacted.  

We do understand that some people might find some stories have too much information or can be hard to read but we try to keep in the details in case someone else finds themselves in a similar situation,  perhaps it can be helpful.
We are not responsible for any possible mistakes in information that might be sent to us in these personal experiences, we do our best to confirm the details and check names and medical terms before we include them in this website.

In many cases it has been hard for those involved to write their experiences down and it has taken great effort to share them but it has all been done in order to help other families.
We sincerely hope that you will find hope in these stories. 


your experience

Has your child survived childhood cancer? 
Writing your story will help you heal
Sharing your story will give hope to others!


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